Pure Raw Wisconsin Honey w/ Honey Dipper (1#)

Pure Raw Wisconsin Honey w/ Honey Dipper (1#)

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If you've ever had authentic raw honey you already know the difference! For those of you who haven't, all we can say is that you've been missing out! 

Most people are unaware that "honey" is a catchall term for nectar processed by honey bees from any source. But did you know that the flavor and aroma of the honey depends upon what type of plant the bees collected their nectar from? Because we do not process our honey these natural flavors and aromas are preserved, which allows you to enjoy honey like you've never tasted before! 

Our honey comes from honey bees raised in Wisconsin. It has never been heated, and only lightly filtered. This means that the natural flavors and aroma are preserved, and that the honey contains trace amounts of pollen and tree propolis. 

We do not move our bees or limit what types of plants they gathered from. As a result, like a good wine, the taste and aroma of our honey varies from jar to jar and year to year. 

Our jars are one-of-a-kind and have a honey dipper/swizzle built right into the bamboo engraved lid. This allows you to use your honey without making a mess! 

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